Biker hits running Model X side mirror and two vandals keying a Model 3 caught on Tesla Sentry Mode videos.

Caught on Sentry Mode: Angry biker breaks Tesla Model X side mirror during drive, vandals keying a Model 3

Two new videos from the invaluable Tesla Sentry Mode emerge where a biker while running on highway speeds hits and brakes the side mirror of a Tesla Model Model X, in another incident, two happy vandals are seen keying a Tesla Model 3 and running away from the scene in their Dodge RAM pickup truck.

The faces of the Model 3 vandals are clearly visible for several seconds from the car’s front dashcam while the keying footage is recorded by the right-side repeater camera, recording the clever act of these bad guys, but they weren’t so smart after all, they will be easy to catch as the video goes viral.

In the biker hit and run case from Ring 3 highway, Oslo, the guy is wearing a helmet and the license plate is not clearly visible in the front dashcam footage but with clues and possibly available security camera footage, this guy also has great chances to be apprehended.

Let’s look at the video of the motorcyclist breaking the Model X door during drive first, this instance of the dangerous act is reported by Bjørn Nyland who has received the footage from a friend or follower.

This motorcycle rider has commendable skills of punching objects during high speeds but he wouldn’t have imagined he would be caught in the act if hits the Model X from the side.

According to Bjørn, the incident is reported to Oslo Police and the authorities are keen on capturing this perpetrator as he put his and other lives in danger with the act, what invoked the biker’s wrath is not clear at the moment.

After hitting and breaking the Model X side mirror this angry motorcyclist disappeared from the scene breaking more law by going above speed limits, seems like breaking side mirrors as a revenge is traditional in Norway as just a while ago another Sentry Model video from Oslo showed a neighbor breaking a Model 3 side mirror at a very late night hour.

On the other side of the globe in America, two happy fellas successfully keyed and dented a Tesla Model 3 in a parking lot and fled the scene in their truck like they have achieved a trophy of some sort, let’s watch.


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Clearly, these are mischievous individuals that seem to have been on a Tesla hunt, as soon as they saw the Model 3, the evil grin appeared on their faces but not very smart as they couldn’t realize they were constantly under surveillance by the Tesla Sentry Mode.

The video is uploaded by an apparently new YouTube account named ‘Sentry Mode’ which the Tesla owner might have created to stay anonymous in order to avoid retribution, but clearly, these guys are in trouble if the authorities take it seriously, at least the footage is enough evidence for the insurance claim.

Pickup Truck owners feud with Teslas is not a new phenomenon as blocking Tesla Superchargers also called ‘ICEing’ went on the rise earlier this year and the law enforcement could not do much about the situation.

Spreading the Tesla Sentry Mode’s awareness among Tesla haters and bad guys might decrease the occurrences of this sort, ‘Don’t Mess with Teslas’ (Follow Up Story: The Sacramento Police Department is now searching both of these vandals).

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