Vandal breaking side view mirror of a Tesla Model 3 in Norway. Photo Credits: Bjørn Nyland

Another Tesla Model 3 vandal caught by Sentry Mode in Norway

Tesla Sentry Mode is proving to be useful with each passing day as Tesla owners post videos of vandals caught in the act red-handed! The latest video below shows a hoodlum walking to a Tesla Model 3 at 3:45 at night and twisting the side view mirror to damage it.

This incident is reported by Bjørn Nyland from Norway, one of his acquaintances living in Oslo sent him the Tesla Model 3 dashcam and side repeater camera footage which clearly caught the face of the person doing the damage, unfortunately, it was none other than the Model 3 owner’s neighbor.

Of course, this person was not aware that a Tesla vehicle has multiple cameras that are alert even when the vehicle is stationary and the video can be used as proof against them, as a neighbor this guy must have learned the lesson by now.

Norway has a significantly lower crime rate compared to the United States but still, this kind of incident can take place, jealousy, Tesla hate or pure lunacy? Let’s check the video in order to understand.

Looking at the video above and other cases where Sentry Mode was in action we can see that the side repeater cameras prove to be equally useful as the dashcam in catching bad guys, and women as well as seen in a video below where a woman is intentionally keying a Tesla Model 3 thinking ‘no one is looking’.

These video clips from the Tesla Sentry Mode also prove to be useful when making insurance claims as the damages on Tesla’s vehicles can be very expensive, owners are already paying hefty premiums on these luxury cars especially in Europe and UK.

Let’s see how this woman tried to be over-smart with a technology-driven car and was caught in the act.

Aftermarket Tesla Accessories by EVANNEX

It is actually difficult to identify the cameras present on a Tesla vehicle if a person is new to these cars, the side repeater cameras are integrated with the emblems on both sides and the front cameras are attached with the rear-view mirror on the windscreen, not very distinct at first look, therefore vandals try their luck on Teslas.

Another incident where construction workers dented a Tesla Model 3 while trying to park their Semi Truck was caught on video by Sentry Mode, the owner posted the video on YouTube (below), he described the matter in the video description as:

Construction going on across the street from where I parked. Got a alert Sentry alarm was trigged so when I came home I found a nice dent on the rear panel. Sentry mode to the rescue. Truck driver and whole construction crew denied it was them. I told them I have you on video and then they all started singing like canary’s pointing fingers at each other. Without the sentry mode I would have been paying for this out of my own pocket. Are there any honest people left in this world?

Sentry Mode Energy Consumption

According to Bjørn’s tests and analysis on his Tesla Model 3 Performance (named MC Hammer) the Sentry Model consumes about 2 kilometers of range per hour and if you park the car for 10 hours it’s simple math it’s going to eat out 20 km of range in that time, according to his testing Sentry Mode consumes 315 Watts of power while activated.

Bjørn did explain this math in the video above but if you want to look at the extensive testing of Sentry Mode, look at his video below where he tested Sentry Mode energy consumption for 10.5 hours.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section on how would you react if the bad guy happens to be your neighbor? Especially if the local police are not willing to help due to any circumstances or lack of resources because there is no lack of proof here.

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