Porsche Taycan vs. Tesla Model S Drag Race by Top Gear.

Top Gear sets up the ultimate drag race: Porsche Taycan vs. Tesla Model S

At last someone like Top Gear arranges something that’s really fun to watch, it’s not just a Tesla Model S P100D vs. Porsche Taycan Turbo S quarter-mile drag race, it is the war for pride between two loyal fan-bases — the Porsche vs. the Tesla community.

The last time we saw the first-ever drag race between the Taycan and Model S Performance by a German auto show raised may eyebrows, but this time the race is much more transparent.

Update: So much for the transparency, Top Gear is caught red-handed downplaying Tesla

Tesla Model S P100D still reigns as the quickest production car ever in the 0-60 mph arena (manufacturer specs) — but has now been faced by a worthy challenger, Taycan Turbo S with each passing drag race between the two is proving to be a superior sports car in this department.

As soon as the Porsche Taycan launched last month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk rushed to unleash the Tri-Motor Model S Plaid version, perhaps it was the need of the time, now the Model S Plaid prototypes are visiting the Nurburgring Race Track every month in a quest to beat the Porsche Taycan lap time record for a 4-door electric car.

But according to Porsche, the Nurburgring record was set by the Taycan Turbo, not the flagship Taycan Turbo S, so much remains to been seen yet!

Tesla Model S P100D vs. Porsche Taycan Turbo S – Performanc Specs Summary

OptionsTesla Model S P100DPorsche Taycan Turbo S
Battery-Pack100 kWh Performance Version93.4 kWh
DrivetrainDual Motor Performance AWDDual Motor, All Wheel Drive
0-100 km/h (0-62 mph)2.5 sec with Ludicrous Mode2.6 sec with launch control
Top speed155 mph (250 km/h) Software limited161 mph (259 km/h)
Wheels/Tires21" Sonic Carbon Twin Turbine Wheels ($4,500) with Goodyear tires21" Mission-E Design Wheels
BrakesTesla performance brakesPorsche Ceramic Composite Brakes (PCCB)
Launch controlLudicrous ModeLaunch Control
Horsepower754 hp with ludicrous mode616 hp, 750 hp with launch control
Torque687 lb-ft774 lb-ft
Curb weight4,960 lb (2,250 kg)5,121 lb (2,322 kg)

The Results

Porsche Taycan Turbo S finished the 1/4 mile drag race in 10.69 secs @ 131.6 mph (211.7 km/h) vs. the Tesla Model S crossing the finishing line in 11.08 secs @ 124.0 mph (199.5 km/h) — the Taycan also topped the 0-60 mph (2.61 vs. 2.68 secs) and 0-100 mph (6.12 vs. 6.46 secs) times in this drag stretch.

Although the Tesla Model S P100D was quicker off the starting line but the Taycan Turbo S caught up later in the race and maintained the lead, a recent acceleration comparison showed that the Taycan is able to accelerate to top speed a lot faster than the Model S.

Although these drag races have little relevance to an electric car owner’s daily routine, it surely is about bragging rights, who reigns supreme on the race tracks, in a straight line or circuits with corkscrews and difficult turns.

Hopefully, Tesla Model S Plaid that is intended to go to production late next year, brings the racing crown back to Tesla with better thermal management, drivetrain and more torque, maybe even torque vectoring.

Porsche Taycan Turbo S vs. Tesla Model S P100D Drag Race Results by Top Gear.
Porsche Taycan Turbo S vs. Tesla Model S P100D Drag Race Results by Top Gear.
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