Tesla Model S new record lap at the Laguna Seca race track.

Tesla Model S sets new record at the Laguna Seca using the ‘Plaid’ mode

“The only thing beyond Ludicrous is Plaid”, says Elon Musk in the wake of a new Laguna Seca Raceway lap time record set by Tesla Model S for a 4-door sedan ever tested before, yes and the Model S was in the prototype ‘Plaid’ mode, not yet available for public as it is in the beta testing phase right now.

The interesting information about the upcoming ‘Plaid’ versions of the Tesla Model S and Model X is that the new powertrain setup will have ‘three’ motors instead of two, according to Elon Musk, the price of the S and X will rise after these upgrades — but having a drivetrain of sports car in a sedan and SUV is worth it.

Elon Musk also confirmed that the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y will not have the plaid mode, because the aim is to make Model 3 & Y  more affordable electric cars as time passes and installing tri-motors and a new powertrain will only up the price.

Laguna Seca Raceway track circuit diagram.

Above:  Laguna Seca Raceway by Will PittengerCC BY-SA 3.0, Source SVG

The 2.238 miles (3.602 km) long Laguna Seca race circuit has eleven turns including the famous ‘Corkscrew’ at the 8 and 8a — setting a new record at this complex circuit requires a good driver and a well prepped car for the purpose, taking a Sedan on a Formula One race track is a brave move by any automaker.

However, this prototype Tesla Model S with the plaid mode was able to finish the lap in 1:36.555, shoving off a full 1 second from the previous record, the sound of the electric motors when the car accelerates gives a titillating feel instead of the internal combustion engines loud goosebumps — for ultimate sensation enable full screen.

If you look closely, this modified plaid Model S prototype has a Tesla Model 3 steering wheel, fits perfectly for a nimble racing performance because of its small diameter, yeah!

Reportedly Tesla has taken a heavily modded Model S to the Nurburgring race track in Germany to challenge the Porsche Taycan’s lap time, the results will probably be here till the next weekend, stay tuned!

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