Tesla Model X vs. BMW X7 M50i vs. Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 drag race.

Drag Race proves Tesla Model X is the quickest family hauler vs. BMW X7 and Merc GLC 63

In the new automotive era, the family haulers also need to be quicker and faster, because it is also about fun and a thing to brag about when you’re spending something north of $80k+ — therefore the guys at The Fast Lane Car YouTube channel took the best three to a drag strip.

Two of these SUVs are from the ICE world (which we obviously don’t like for their contribution to pollution but for comparison’s sake pls bear with us) — one of these two ICE’rs is the BMW X7 M50i and the other is Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 and the lone wolf from the EV world is the one and only falcon wing door equipped Tesla Model X Long Range AWD.

Let’s check out brief performance specs and price comparison between the three powerhouses (see table 1.1 below).

Performance Specs and Price Comparison

OptionsTesla Model X AWDBMW X 7 M50iMercedes-AMG GLC 63
Top Speed155 mph155 mph155 mph
0-60 mph4.4s4.7s3.8s

The most expensive BMW of the three is the weakest when it comes to racing in a straight line, so it was between the Merc and the Tesla to settle the final score — this Tesla Model X is a non-performance variant thus lacking the ‘Ludicrous Mode (Launch Control)’ still makes it to the finishing line before the GLC 63 SUV which used the launch control option.

Activating the Launch Control on the BMW X7 M50i is incredibly complex, that may have been a factor in putting it in the 3rd position — it’s nice but it’s ICE and we all know like the VW CEO the age of the internal combustion engine is fading away fast.

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