BMW owner spooked by Smart Summon, caught by Sentry Mode.

BMW owner spooked by Smart Summon, Halloween moment captured by Sentry Mode

We’re already living in the future, traditional cars are outdated especially since the advent of ‘Tesla Smart Summon‘, like this BMW owner who got spooked seeing a Tesla Model 3 moving all on its own.

The Halloween moment was captured by the ‘Tesla Sentry Mode‘ yesterday, which keeps an eye on the activity around the car with multiple cameras that were originally intended for Autopilot/Full Self-Driving.

Tesla Smart Summon is wooing people since it finally made it to the Tesla fleet late last month, even some Tesla owners got their cars damaged by using the self-driving feature in a wrong manner.

On Halloween day yesterday, a bunch of ladies was seen being amazed by the Smart Summon feature where the owner called the car from a distance and the car attempted to reach possessor of the paired mobile phone with the Tesla mobile app.

Caught on the @Tesla cam. I could tell from across the parking lot they were WAY TOO CLOSE to Agent Zero. Even brushing against! So I did smart summon & scared the heck out them! Priceless!!!!! @elonmusk Thank you for the added camera with v10 update!
Chad Mortensen via Twitter

The other one is a classic where the Tesla Model 3‘s side repeater camera recorded the priceless expressions of this BMW owner, she didn’t realize this is 2019 and cars have already started to self-drive, although it was the day of Halloween, there was no ghost in the Model 3.

There are a few more short clips of the same event from the rear-view camera and an extra dashcam installed inside the car — check them out under the following video for a more interesting storyline.

Aftermarket Tesla Accessories by EVANNEX

Her heart pounded like she’s seen a real ghost! BMW, Mercedes, Audi you guys are outdated and as new features start rolling out, the Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) package will get more and more expensive as per the company’s CEO Elon Musk.

Full Self-Driving Package Price Increased Today

As Elon Musk announced earlier that the regions where Smart Summon has received the regulatory approval, the price of FSD will be increased by $1,000 (Europe is excluded as the regulatory approval there is taking longer than expected).
The Full Self-Driving feature price is now increased to $7,000 (previously $6,000, see screenshot below) or check Tesla online car configurator.

Tesla Full Self-Driving software price increased by $1,000 today.
Tesla Full Self-Driving software price increased by $1,000 today.

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