Tesla Autopilot vision in a construction zone with traffic cones on both sides.

Watch Tesla Autopilot / Smart Summon handle construction zone and traffic cones

Elon Musk and the Tesla software team are aiming to feature complete the Full Self-Driving package by the year-end, a tough goal but should be achievable by a little margin here and there. The latest version of the Tesla firmware update shows that the cars can now detect traffic cones

Tesla owner and hacker knowns as ‘green the only’ recently took his Tesla Model 3 to a construction zone where both sides of the road had traffic cones set up, interestingly the car took the cones as guides for the route instead of the lane markings, this is crucial in handling a construction zone.

Green is able to show us how Autopilot detects objects by hacking into the Autopilot/FSD footage rather than just plain video that is recorded on the USB via cameras, these immensely technical videos show how the Tesla Supercomputer takes camera input for the car’s vision and neural net.

Just about a year ago Tesla upgraded the neural net vision that enables object detection with the 3D bounding boxes which previously was 2D, this has certainly improved the performance in of the Autopilot driver’s assistance and a major enabler towards the full self-driving goal.

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This year’s biggest Autopilot feature release yet was the Smart Summon that enables the owner to call the car to their location from its parking spot, the feature has faced mixed emotions from mainstream media but most of the Tesla owners rejoiced.

Some owners did damage their Teslas by using Smart Summon in an unrecommended manner but mostly the feature has been both fun and useful, according to Elon Musk’s statement from the Tesla Q3′ 2019 Earnings Call, the Smart Summon had already been used more than 1 million times.

That means Tesla has started stacking huge amounts of useful data on how Tesla owners are using the feature and in which conditions, this data (from 8 cameras, 12 sensors, and the front radar) is monumental in improving the self-driving features.

One such Tesla owner took his ride to a bit messy parking lot which had construction work going on and traffic cones were also in place, the following videos show how Smart Summon on a Tesla Model 3 handled the situation, pretty good indeed.

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