Watch Tesla Smart Summon feature demo on V10 software update.

Smart Summon finally makes it to Tesla V10 software release (watch in action)

Tesla Smart Summon is by far the most awaited feature for Tesla owners and it has been the target of much speculation lately since Elon Musk delayed the feature deployment a couple of times this year.

However, the Smart Summon (previously called Enhanced Summon) feature was available to a select few Tesla Early Access Program (EAP) members for the last few months and we have been reporting on the beta testing throughout (test 1 | test 2 | test 3).

Suddenly yesterday Elon Musk announced on Twitter that the V10 Software update has started rolling out to the owners in the United States, few owners by then had already posted the screenshots of the final V10 software release notes, like our follower and friend Steve.

Most of the features in the final V10 update (2019.3.10.x firmware version) are same as deployed in the EAP beta release for the V10 except for Spotify, Hulu and Smart Summon.

Let’s go through the Smart Summon V10 release notes and a couple of demonstration videos that owners uploaded a few hours ago as soon as they got the latest software update.

Tesla Smart Summon V10 Release Notes

Smart Summon is designed to allow your car to drive to you (using your phone's GPS as a target destination) or a location of your choosing, maneuvering around and stopping for objects as necessary. Like Summon, Smart Summon is only intended for use in private parking lots and driveways. You are still responsible for your car and must monitor it and its surroundings at all times within your line of sight because it may not detect all obstacles. Be especially careful around quick-moving people., bicycles and cars

To access the feature in your Tesla mobile app, tap Summon then tap the Smart Summon icon. To activate Smart Summon, press and hold the COME TO ME button. Alternatively, tap the target icon, set the target destination of your choice by adjusting the map, and then press and hold the GO TO TARGET button. You can stop your car from driving at any time by releasing the button.

Note: Smart Summon requires the latest version of the Tesla mobile app (2019.3.10.0 or later). Please refer to the Owners' Manual for additional details about this feature.

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The next video contains some great safety testing of the Smart Summon feature, also we get to see how to use the COME TO ME and GO TO TARGET options to call or park the car at a specified location.

According to the firmware tracker, mostly the Model 3 owners have received the V10 software update, but since hours the TeslaFi firmware tracker is down due to high traffic, so we don’t have the latest updates, just a screenshot from hours ago.

Tesla V10 sofware roll out. Courtesy:
Tesla V10 sofware roll out. Courtesy:

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