Tesla Sentry Mode captures vandals trying to damage Model 3 charge port.

Tesla Sentry Mode captures vandals trying to damage Model 3 charge port

These dudes must be living under a rock to not know how many vandals have previously been caught Tesla Sentry Mode and later on faced shame and charges — this latest event happened in Las Vegas around 2:00 AM inside the Park MGM Casino’s parking lot where two young men tried to vandalize a Tesla Model 3 charge port.

The Sentry Mode recording starts when two guys enter the parking lot to leave in their 5th-gen Nissan Maxima when they saw a Tesla Model 3 calmly feeding on electrons at that hour of the night — can understand that feeling when you have an ugly ancient car that pollutes the planet and suddenly you see one of the most beautiful and futuristic cars, but what they did cannot be justified.

The reason for damaging the charge port comes from the anger as when the first guy approaches the Model 3 and tries to use the door handle, he had no clue how it worked, so he retreated back to his car but the other guy enters the scene and directly goes for the charge port, and violently starts to pull the cable (would’ve been dangerous for him as well), being unable to damage the cable or unplug the port, both men then started kicking the charger and the port.

According to the owner Fernando C via InsideEVs, no damage to the charge-port, car body incurred as a result of their vandalism,  but still:

In Nevada, an “overt act” towards committing a crime is enough for an attempt to be legally punishable.

It is clear that their intent was to damage the vehicle and where the camera couldn’t see at least two of these several friends had pre-planned to do what they were doing as we don’t see any verbal communication between the act, they knew what they had to do, here’s the video.

While the 2nd guy was smart enough to scan for any cameras in the parking lot before starting his Taekwondo on the Model 3, he was dumb enough to not know much about Teslas and the Sentry Mode too, now they should be ready to face the music like the guys from Sacramento, CA who had to turn themselves to the police afterwards, it became inevitable for them as that video went viral like anything, even local news channels covered it and defaced the individuals in front of their family, friends, and co-workers.

The video has already been shared with the Tesla Owners Club of Las Vegas, as this goes mainstream, the authorities might be able to catch these guys and a good example be set. If you have any clue about their whereabouts, you can contact Fernando via his Twitter handle (@fcorrado).

What do you think it’s Tesla hate or plain old jealousy towards people with prized possessions? Let us know in the comments section below.

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