15 Made in China Tesla Model 3 parked at the Gigafactory 3, Shanghai.

15 Made-in-China Tesla Model 3s seen in the latest Gigafactory 3 drone footage

The latest Gigafactory Shanghai drone video shows 15 Made-in-China Tesla Model 3 cars parked in the facilities parking lot, this looks like the first batch of trial production that started at the Gigafactory 3 earlier this month.

During the Tesla Q3′ 2019 Earnings Call last week, Elon Musk announced that the trial production has started at the Gigafactory Shanghai, he said:

Regarding Gigafactory, Shanghai, this month we started with trial production at Giga Shanghai and built four [Phonetic] vehicles from body, to paint, to general assembly. So this is a — more emphasis this is [Phonetic] a real factory with a tremendous amount of equipment in it. While a lot of people see the outside show the factory, which is enormous, and it was essentially underwater in January. It was below the water table literally. What is, I think, much more significant is that we’re able to install massive stamping machines, fully operational paint shop and a sophisticated general assembly line in the same period of time, in parallel with bogue building I’d like to thank our transient for this extraordinary achievement I’m not aware of any factory of this magnitude in history being constructed in such a short period of time, approximately 10 months. As far as I know, this is unprecedented. And Gigafactory Shanghai will become a template for future growth. We’re planning to build Model Ys in Shanghai as well of course, and build a Gigafactory in Europe and we hope to announce the location to that Gigafactory. In fact, we will announce the location to that Gigafactory before the end of this year.

All of the 15 trial production Tesla Model 3s we see in the following footage are in solid black color, seems like the paint shop at the Gigafactory 3 is not yet ready to rollout other colors yet, but still building a giant car production facility like this in 9-10 months is a remarkable achievement, probably this only happens in China.

Tesla is one of the few exceptions where a foreign company or product has a loyal fan-base in China, the Tesla enthusiasts continuously visit the Gigafactory 3 and cover the news time to time, like Chao Zhou visited a while ago and brought us following phase-II construction update.

Another extended video of the Gigafactory 3 from last week shows the enormous progress made since the place was only mud and water when Elon Musk and other Chinese dignitaries attended the groundbreaking ceremony earlier this year.

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