First Right-Hand-Drive Tesla Model 3 being delivered at the Tesla Store London

Tesla starts handover of the Right-Hand-Drive Model 3s in the UK

Tesla has started delivering first Right-Hand-Drive (RHD) Model 3 deliveries to customers in the UK, a delivery event was organized at the Tesla Store London for the first 50 deliveries yesterday.

Tesla customers receiving their Model 3s at the store were very happy and had positive reviews of the fit and finish of the cars in both live interviews (Fully Charged coverage below) and in their posts on the social media, showing grace after 3 years of wait is commendable by the Brits.

Looks like the days of inordinate panel gaps and quality issues have long gone despite an estimated production rate of 1,000 Model 3s per day at the Tesla Fremont factory.

According to Robert Llewellyn there were around 100 Tesla Model 3s at the Tesla Store London, there are hundreds and thousands more to come as the vehicle transport vessel Grand Mark is currently unloading at the Port of Zeebrugge and another batch of RHD Model 3s had gathered at the Port of Sand Francisco till last reports.

Here’s what one of the first Tesla Model 3 Performance owners had to say about his delivery experience in his tweet:

Video: Fully Charged at the RHD Tesla Model 3 delivery event, UK

Our favorite electric vehicle news podcast ‘EV News Daily‘ host Martyn was also present at the show and captured some great moments from the delivery day, he met several happy and satisfied RHD Model 3 owners and recorded their views.

Looks like Tesla owners and enthusiasts from the United Kingdom are big fans of the white interiors as most of the Model 3s present at the Tesla London Showroom had the white interior and were the ‘Performance‘ versions, possibly due to Tesla’s intent of selling the higher-end variants first for higher profit margins.

A couple at the Tesla Showroom London even said that they feel the obligation towards sustainability and driving a zero-emissions vehicle makes them happier and more satisfied, people do actually believe in Tesla and Elon Musk‘s mission.

The first customer getting his RHD Tesla Model 3 received kind of a ‘guard of honor’ from the Tesla staff while leaving the showroom with his brand new Pearl White Model 3 Performance (more photos from the event below).

Photo Gallery: First RHD Model 3 Deliveries Day in London, UK

Click/Tap photos to load high-res version in gallery mode. Photos by Ian Turner and EV News Daily.

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