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‘Simple White’ will be the new Tesla Model 3 standard color

The time for a change to the standard Tesla Model 3 color from ‘Solid Black’ to ‘Simple White’ is here after almost 2 years of production of the best selling electric sedan by revenue in the United States.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced Tesla’s plan to change the default color of the Model 3 via his Twitter account earlier this week, he said:

Starting next month, the ‘Solid Black’ color that comes included free of charge on a Model 3 while ordering, is going to cost a whopping $1,000 — Elon Musk further made clear that the white paint option which is currently called ‘Pearl White Mult-Coat (costs extra $1,500)‘ will not become the ‘standard’ color, rather a new ‘Simple White’ paint option will be introduced, he said:

Tesla Model 3 configurator screenshot showing 'Pearl White Multi-Coat' color selected.
Tesla Model 3 configurator screenshot showing 'Pearl White Multi-Coat' color selected.

Tesla is, of course, making this change to further streamline the production process and apparently, the decision will also bring down production costs that might help the company towards profitability. In response to a question about changing the Tesla color palette, Elon Musk said:

Changing the palette is hell on service, because cars last for 20 years. Every color change has a long tail of hurt, especially for Model 3.

We were not able to find out if the standard color change from black to white will only be applied to Tesla Model 3 orders or will the change also affect Model S and Model X, the fog will clear in about a week from now when July starts.

Elon Musk announcing this upcoming change in advance is commendable, in the past, these type of changes have been coming as a surprise, the Tesla online ordering page/design studio would suddenly change and potential buyers getting surprised.

The early notification of this change has allowed the Black paint lovers almost 10 days of grace time where they can save $1,000 on their Tesla Model 3 order. Although black paint on a car is way harder to maintain and requires additional efforts in keeping the vehicle clean, a vast majority still loves it.

Talking about the Model 3 color palette, Elon Musk suggested the ‘baby pink’ color, he might not be serious here but who knows, He is known for the wild stuff, online or off!

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