United Kingdom places orders for more than 3,000 Right-Hand-Drive Model 3s

Tesla registers first batch of RHD Model 3 VINs, UK places 3k+ Model 3 orders

Tesla has registered the first batch of Right-Hand-Drive Model 3 VINs and according to the data gathered by Tesla Owners Club UK, there are at least 3,350 Model 3 orders placed by the Brits.

The last batch of Tesla Model 3 VINs which also happened to be the largest ever registered did not contain any RHD variants of the Model 3 compact electric sedan, now the good news has erupted for the reservation holders in the United Kingdom at last.

Model3VINs.com which tracks and visualizes the data for Tesla Model 3 VIN registrations with the NHTSA has just reported that Tesla has registered a new batch of 442 Model 3s of which about 280 (64%) are Right-Hand-Drive cars.

Tesla opened the floodgates of Right-Hand-Drive Tesla Model 3 UK orders at the start of this month and since then the estimated date of delivery shown by the order page is ‘June’, there is no indication if it is late in the next month or earlier, but Tesla taking action with VIN registration shows a positive sign for the UK reservation holders.

Although VIN registrations are not indicative of the real production numbers of the assembly lines since the delivery date is so close we can expect Tesla is seriously working on the RHD Model 3 production.

Tesla has not yet opened the Model 3 order page for other RHD markets like Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and Hong Kong — the reason might be to first handle Model 3 demand in the UK and then moving towards other countries.

According to the Model 3 production tracker by Bloomberg, Tesla is just reaching the target of ~6,000 Model 3s produced, several vehicle transport vehicles loaded with Tesla Model 3s are still in transit towards Europe and China, now the automaker has to adjust RHD Model 3s in these batches.

The Tesla Owners Club UK (Facebook Group) with the help of fellow Tesla owners in the United Kingdom has produced a document that tracks the number of RHD Model 3s ordered from the country, the method uses the last 4 digits of the invoice number to estimate the number of orders placed. (hat tip: @ElecVehicleGuy/ UK Model 3 data: Matt Jeanes)

At the time of this writing, the highest invoice/order number of the RHD Tesla Model 3 UK was 3,352, Tesla has received these orders in less than 10 days from the opening of orders in the United Kingdom. Delivering these many Model 3s might be an overwhelming task for Tesla UK as the total estimated number of Tesla in the entire country is not greater than 20,000 vehicles.

Tesla Model 3 demand is bound to increase in the United Kingdom after the car hits the road as many potential customers would be waiting to just see how it goes and word of mouth marketing is Tesla’s weapon of mass disruption.

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