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27 Launches in a row — Tesla Model 3 Performance, hello Taycan!

Talk about electric car peformance while dispensing several launches in a row, Porsche Taycan’s promotion has that embedded this narrative from the start — hey, but Tesla Model 3 can do that too!

Electric Vehicle evangelist and Tesla YouTuber from Norway, Bjorn Nyland also known as Tesla Bjorn just tested his Model 3 Performance for how many times this car can perform consecutive launches or named ‘launch control’ in the ICE world, Tesla has ‘Ludicrous Mode’ but Model 3 being the entry-level Tesla car for now isn’t equipped with it, still the launch is pretty impressive (0-60 mph in just 3.2 secs).

In a recent episode of Fully Charged, the host Jonny Smith tested the Porsche Taycan’s ability to trigger the launch control repeatedly, now Bjorn Nyland takes his Model 3 Performance on the empty roads of Germany at 2:30 AM for the same test with a bit less acceleration as the Taycan is obviously a faster more powerful sports car built with track performance in mind.

Bjorn used the ‘Scan My Tesla’ mobile app which is displaying detailed car statistics like various temperatures, state-of-charge (SoC), distance traveled, and speed, etc. — these numbers are quite useful in such tests.

Before the first launch initiation, the battery pack was at 93.2% SoC, the outside temperature 17.5 ℃ (63.5 ℉) and the front motor stator temperature stood at 37.0 ℃ (98.6 ℉) and rear motor stator temperature was 35.0 ℃ (95 ℉), also the median battery cell temperature showed 30.5 ℃ (86.9 ℉) on the app.

After the final launch the battery was at 51.3% SoC, with the Front/Rear stator temperatures rose to 104.0 ℃ (219.2 ℉) / 94.0 ℃ (201.2 ℉) respectively which is very hot but still Tesla Model 3 Performance survived 27 successive launches in one session where the car did not come to a full stop in between the launches.

The battery cell temperature after the 27th launch rose to 49.5 ℃ (121.1 ℉) but still the battery power output wasn’t so bad, Bjorn did not attempt any more launches to cool down everything, Porsche Taycan you’re not alone in this arena.

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Featured Photo by Martin Katler on Unsplash

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