Tesla Model 3 Performance vs. Ferrari F12 Berlinetta drag race

Drag Racing: Tesla Model 3 Performance vs. Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Now Tesla Model 3 Performance faces a new powerful contender at a drag strip somewhere on an abandoned air port runway in South American, the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta or the F12B as the racers want to call it, the 730 hp beast fitted with a 6.3L V12 engine.

This powerful Ferrari F12 has previously impressed the likes of previous Top Gear host Jeremey Clarkson with its performance and handling in a 2014 episode of the BBC’s popular auto enthusiast series.

Matteo Valenza’s also brought a couple Tesla Model S P100D and a P90D (now discontinued, also a pre-facelift model) to the race track to make things more interesting and compare the results.

2oo and 400 meter drag races were organized by the crew, although the language in the video is Latin/Spanish, English subtitles are also available, turn them ON to have more fun.


Matteo and the team posted these interesting results of both type of races undertaken at the track, surprisingly Model 3 Performance outran the Model S P100D in the 400 segment with a 0.33 second lead. They even raced the Model 3 Performance on the drag strip in ‘Chill Mode‘, come on!

Best Times: 200 M

  1. TESLA P100D Gray: 0: 06.38 (WINNER!)
  2. TESLA Model 3 Performance BLUE: 0: 06.77 (Matteo)
  3. TESLA P100D Black: 0: 06.86
  4. FERRARI F12: 0: 07.21
  5. TESLA P90D Red: 0: 07.35

Best Times: 400 M

  1. TESLA Model 3 Performance BLUE: 0: 10.58 (WINNER!) (Arisa)
  2. TESLA P100D Gray: 0: 10.91
  3. FERRARI F12: 0: 10.97
  4. TESLA P100D Black: 0: 11.12
  5. TESLA Model 3 Standard Range +: 0: 12.67
  6. TESLA Model 3 Performance BLU (Chill Mode): 0: 14.77

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Ligthed 'T' for Tesla Model 3 by EVANNEX
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