Model 3 Headlights – Comparing From Prototype To Production Candidates

The internet is now swarming with spy photos & videos of Tesla Model 3. The enthusiasm and wait has converted normal folks into paparazzi of the modern era. In recent videos people have even risked their safety to take a few shots of the car.

So by looking at all of the pictures and videos I noticed one thing and that is the altering nature of Model 3 headlights. Therefore I thought of doing a comparison between the headlamps of the Model 3 at different sightings.

Let’s first check out the headlamp of the prototype that was shown at the Powerwall 2.0 launch event last year.

Tesla Model 3 Headlights On The Prototype
Tesla Model 3 Headlights On The Prototype

No doubt these are one of the most beautiful headlights seen on a mid-size sedan today. With having two layers of compartments divided by two elegant chrome strips this headlight presented some new ideas too.

The larger elliptical turn signal on top and the main headlamps seem here to be LED.

You can also look at the full gallery and video of the event to view from different angles.

Model 3 Headlights On Production Candidate 1
Model 3 Headlights On Production Candidate 1

This is the first production candidate unveiled by Elon Musk last month but we saw detailed photos spied by Mr. Wayne in the first week of April.

In these shots, we see the previous turn-signals in the upper area of the light swapped with either Halogen lamps or a daytime running light. Also, the lower section shows another light which might have been the turn-signals but it also shows as a yellow light.

The midsection which supposed to have LED lights seems a little illuminated as well but we cannot get a clear view of this section in the pictures. So the setting of the Model 3 Headlights has changed here from the prototype for sure.

Model 3 Headlights On Production Candidate 2
Model 3 Headlights On Production Candidate 2

So this is the latest spy pics of a blue Model 3 caught by The Tesla Show. This setup of the headlamps shows signs of scrambling things yet again.

Now the turn-signal has moved to the bottom of the light in the shape of a strip and this is just about a week after we saw the spy photos of the production candidate in black. Also, the top area where we saw a bulb previously now has a chrome strip and seems to have no lights there.

However, the middle section of the setup shows to have LED lights or similar to LED ones? Let’s take a close look to all 3 together in a graphical representation below.

Let’s hope for the best and the wait remaining is not so much as July approaches fast for the final unveiling of the final production Model 3.

Model 3 Headlights - From Prototype To Production Candidate
Model 3 Headlights - From Prototype To Production Candidate. Click/Tap image to zoom-in.

As you can see the differences that are occurring nearly with every sighting for the headlamps of our beloved Model 3. I think the setup shown in the 1st production candidate is the closest to the final production model.

Since the top of the line Model S does not offer LED headlights we should be expecting the least from Model 3 for being an affordable all-electric vehicle.

Tesla might have planned LED headlights along with other optional stuff like a Performance Model, All Wheel Drive,  a HUD and some others as pricey options from which they can reap some good profit.

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