Production Canditate Tesla Model 3 Testing In The Wild HD Video And Photos

Apr 06, 2017 | by Iqtidar Ali

Talk about Tesla Model 3 craze and seems we didn’t have enough of it since Mar 31st last year. Last month Elon Musk released a teaser video of Model 3 sprinting outside Tesla HQ.

Now a guy named Wayne who is an anonymous friend of every website posting his photos, took a video (below) of chasing the production candidate Model 3 from his red Model S.

He also took some great shots of the most anticipated car of this year as good as He can (photo gallery below). According to the photos there seems to be no change in the nose of the production candidate Model 3 as it was being speculated by some Tesla pundits.

But we see a difference in the headlamps from the prototype. The production head lights look more like projector lamps abandoning the silver/chrome two tier setup inside the lights.

The production headlamps look more like the Model S ones not of the Model 3 prototype showed earlier. So it sounds like it’s really getting close to production and getting ready to rock 2017 with full Tesla power.

Model 3 Palo Alto, CA Testing Gallery

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