Adjusting Tesla Model 3 Headlights

Here’s how to adjust Tesla Model 3 and Model Y headlights (video)

Adjusting your Tesla Model 3 headlights might be needed as the leveling of the headlamps at the factory settings would not be perfect in several cases — such was the case with Bjørn Nyland’s Model 3 Performance, he had many oncoming cars blinking at him.

The first step in adjusting your headlights is to take your Model 3 to a reputable auto repair shop (better if Tesla certified), in this case, the owner took it to NAF Senter (in Norway) who have the right equipment to measure headlight levels and angles.

The headlight adjustment can only be performed while the car is in PARK, to access the headlight adjustment options from the center touchscreen UI go to ‘Controls > Service > Adjust Headlights ‘.

The interface for adjust the headlights now appears on the screen that allows selecting one headlight at a time for adjustment (see screenshots below), now you can adjust the headlight levels (up and down) and the angles (left and right) by using the ‘left steering controls (roller ball)’.

The screen also gives caution to the owner that the headlight adjustment should be handled by a trained technician only, ignore that if you’re at a service center and they have the right equipment to measure the headlight corrective adjustments.

Important: There is no ‘Factory Reset’ or ‘Undo’ button here, so exercise the options with caution.

Above: Accessing the ‘Adjust Headlights’ feature from the Tesla Model 3 center touchscreen UI ( Tap/Click for high-res versions; Photos by Bjørn Nyland).

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recently gave the maximum safety rating to Tesla Model 3 — and it only happened after Tesla (TSLA) was asked to update the Model 3 headlights in order to qualify for the ratings, Tesla Model 3s produced after June 2018 have the updated new headlights that provide better visibility.

Let us know in the comments section below if you needed to adjust your Tesla Model 3 headlights after getting your new car and how much did it cost you?

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