Tesla Model 3 First Drive of a production model

Elon’s Teaser – First Drive Video Of Release Candidate Model 3

Mar 24, 2017 | by Iqtidar Ali

Update: This same Model 3 is spotted in the wild while testing. Click here for HD Video & Photos !

Elon Musk has a habit of pouring excitement and passion into his customers and followers every now and then. Today He posted a short teaser video (below) of about 6 seconds of a Tesla Model 3 which according to him is a release candidate.

This stunning looking black Model 3 is going to be released and will go to a lucky customer, maybe the guys sitting in it are one of the owners, maybe the first reservation holder of 31st March last year, who knows.

But we are pretty excited that at last we have seen production ready Model 3 running on the road and that should make the reservation holders super excited too. Thanks again Elon Musk !

Enjoy the teaser video (YouTube version) below, repeat 100 times at least.

Join the detailed discussion about latest Elon Tweet-storm about Model 3 (AWD, HUD and more. click here ) on our discussion forums.

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