Tesla Cybertruck accelerating like a true Tesla in Malibu, California.

Watch the Cybertruck accelerate like a true Tesla, headlights look street legal opposed to the unveil

A new video of the Tesla Cybertruck has emerged from Malibu, California where Tesla CEO Elon Musk had dinner with his girlfriend Grimes, Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen, and other friends on the weekend, Elon drove the truck to and from the restaurant himself (videos & pics here).

We can see in the following video that has been shot while the Cybertruck and the cameraman both were cruising on high speeds, the Cybertruck is seen accelerating like a true Tesla car. Being a super heavy truck made of 30x cold-rolled stainless steel, it’s amazing to see the Tesla battery pack and dual motor drivetrain in the Cybertruck to pull the vehicle to such speeds.

It is assumed that currently only one prototype of the Tesla Cybertruck is manufactured since the pressure on the Silicon Valley-based automaker by both the market requirements and Tesla enthusiasts was increasing by the day to reveal the vehicle, Tesla might not have been able to put together more prototypes.

According to Elon Musk, the Cybertruck is faster than a Porsche 911:

Cybertruck Headlights

Tesla Cybertruck’s signature headlights looked too bright at the unveiling event presentation when the truck arrived on the stage, they dazzled the audience through the smoke, but in the latest spotting videos from the weekend and the one above we can see that these lights look much tamer now.

Looks like the Tesla Cybertruck headlights were on high-beams at the unveiling, and now to be more street legal, Elon Musk drove the stainless steel machine on low beams, like a gentleman. Additionally, the headlights also look paler than bright white in these videos, as opposed to the event.

The following screenshot from the unveiling event last month shows the high intensity of the Cybertruck headlights, in the current sightings, they are not dazzling the camera or seem to be extending too far on the path ahead.

Our co-author Ian Pavelko was present at the Cybertruck unveil at the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne and he has confirmed that the headlights in these videos look like low beams or there is another set of LEDs built in the light slit for high-beam settings.

The light strip in the middle section is also looking a bit thinner than the one we saw on the Cybertruck prototype earlier at the unveiling, interesting!

Tesla Cybertruck's signature headlights, illuminating the stage at the Cybertruck unveiling.
Tesla Cybertruck's signature headlights, illuminating the stage at the Cybertruck unveiling (source: Tesla Inc.).

Light-slit type signature headlights that span across the entire width of the vehicle are now going mainstream, at least with the electric pickup trucks, Rivian’s R1T featured the new innovative idea of these signature headlights setup but is a bit different than the one on Tesla’s Cybertruck.

The trend of having horizontally extended headlights on electric vehicles should be going mainstream in the future, especially after the extreme popularity of the Tesla Cybertruck, IMO, much remains to be seen in the EV space still.

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