Tesla Model 3 headlight reflectors tilt automatically on high-beam

Things you need to know about Tesla Model 3 headlights – watch tilting reflectors in action

Tesla Model 3 undoubtedly has one of the most attractive and functional headlights, at least in the mid-size luxury sedan segment — we can watch the high beam reflectors of the Model 3 headlamps tilt upwards when ‘on’ in a short interesting video below.

Tesla has performed a few revisions of the Model 3 headlight’s internal setup and structure from the prototype era to production and even made changes in June 2018 for further improvements and regulatory compliance.

The latest revision of the Model 3 headlights revamp earned Tesla Model 3 the top rating from IIHS for headlight safety  — Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) stated the following in an official tweet regarding 2018 Tesla Model 3 headlights:

The 2018 Tesla Model 3 now earns a good rating for its standard LED reflector headlights for models built after June 2018. Previous models earn an acceptable rating.

Update: Since Tesla Model Y has the same headlights as the Model 3, this applies to the Model Y as well.

Tesla Model 3 headlights earn highest safety rating from IIHS
Tesla Model 3 headlights earn highest safety rating from IIHS - Photo by IIHS

Tesla deployed the ‘Auto High Beam’ function in the 2018.18.1 over-the-air update last year that enables Tesla Model 3 to automatically switch between high and low beams depending on the oncoming lights or vehicle in front.

Tesla Model 3 has the following indicators displayed on the center touchscreen for various states of the headlights as described in the Model 3 Owners Manual:

Tesla Model 3 headlight states shown on the center screen
Tesla Model 3 headlight states shown on the center screen - source: Tesla Model 3 Owners Manual

Although Tesla offers the ‘Auto High Beam’ function for the Model 3 headlights, the automaker includes a warning in the owners manual which says:

Warning: Auto High Beam is an aid only and is subject to limitations. It is the driver’s responsibility to make sure that the headlights are appropriately adjusted for weather conditions and driving circumstances.

Tesla Model 3 headlights do not have the ‘auto-leveling function but they can be manually adjusted to change the headlight angle set by the factory but it comes with a caveat, once you change the default settings it cannot be restored to the original angle calibrated by Tesla anymore, as a last resort you will have to take the vehicle to the service center.

Headlight Adjustments

To adjust the angle of the headlights, touch Controls > Service > Adjust Headlights, then follow the onscreen instructions. You can choose which headlight you would like to adjust by selecting it on the touchscreen.

Warning: Proceed with caution when adjusting headlights. Tesla has carefully calibrated the position of the headlights to be in an optimum position for most driving scenarios. Tesla recommends that you do not adjust headlights unless you are familiar with how headlights should be adjusted. Once adjusted, you will be unable to automatically restore them to their originally calibrated position (Video Tutorial Here).

If you ever need a self-repair for your Model 3 headlamps, you can order the right part needed by looking at the Tesla Model 3 Parts Catalog  — see an illustration of the Model 3 headlights assembly below from the parts catalog.

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Tesla Model 3 headlights assembly illustration
Tesla Model 3 headlights assembly illustration

Tesla Model 3 when using high beams tilts the high-beam reflectors physically which are placed toward the inner side of the headlights  — we know most modern cars have this function but looking at the closeup video of this function below is quite interesting.

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