DMC DeLorean converted to an electric car of the future.

The iconic DMC DeLorean is converted to an electric car using the Tesla drivetrain

Brought to fame by Steven Spielberg’s ‘Back To The Future’ movie franchise, DMC DeLorean inspired late 20th century generations across the globe — one of the 12,000 ever made has now been converted to an electric DeLorean which utilizes a Tesla drive unit to replace the internal combustion engine.

The finished electric DeLorean was displayed at this year’s Fully Charged Live show but did not get any meaningful coverage either by media or Fully Charged at all, just a short video by a visitor at the EV festival.

Before going to the exhibition, Kevin Sharpe posted a few photos of the electric DeLorean project in the works to the discussion forums (all pics below), the information is scarce regarding the details of the conversion but at least it is an interesting one to look at.

Electric DeLorean's chassis with a Tesla drivetrain installed.
Electric DeLorean with a Tesla drivetrain.

The above picture looks like from the early stages of the project, somehow the engineering team was able to fit a Tesla drive unit in place of the rear-engine, probably they have selected the Tesla Model S RWD motor here.

When the car was launched in 1981, the reviewers of the time called it “The car of the future”, they weren’t wrong, made of steel, this classic has stood the test of time, probably the gull-wing doors of the DeLorean inspired the Tesla Model X falcon-wing doors.

The battery pack (unknown kWh) has been set up in the large front trunk of the DeLorean, another unique feature of this car, the hood opens from the back rather than the front — beautiful.

The DeLorean founder John Z. DeLorean was an automotive visionary who said in an 1999 interview:

The truth is, nothing is very new over the last 50 years. The last important innovations were power brakes, power steering and automatic transmission.

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