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New Tesla stories will now be posted on TeslaOracle.com website almost daily

I had an important announcement to make, the news, stories, and articles related to Tesla and Elon Musk will now be posted to our new sister website Tesla Oracle — in fact, there are a few already posted.

This was an important transition that was being put on the back burner for a while now, but in the wake of the Covid-19 stay home phenomena, I actually got the time to launch the project, it’s a faster and minimalistic website purely for the Tesla enthusiasts and owners to which the community will be able to relate more.

Other EV news and occasional stories from The Tesla Blog will still be published here but the current frequency will be lower than the current one and faster on our new blog.

Hopefully, I will be able to publish more using the new tech and easier interface, stay tuned.

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Iqtidar Ali
[email protected]

Iqtidar Ali reports on the latest happenings at Tesla and Electric Vehicle forefront. With over 1 decade of experience in website development, he's our IT resource as well.

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