Tesla Sentry Mode - cookie monster tries to steal cookies from a Tesla Model 3

Tesla ‘Sentry Mode’ explained in funny Cookie Monster video

Who does not know the ‘Cookie Monster’ from the classic Sesame Street and his insatiable hunger, especially for cookies — Tesla releases a short video to explain their latest vehicle security software update, the ‘Sentry Mode’.

Cookie Monster tries to reach a bunch of delicious cookies resting on a locked Tesla Model 3‘s center armrest but is scared away by the Sentry Mode getting activated, funny yet well explained.

We recently reported about the Sentry Mode in detail and showcased a video where a Tesla Model 3 owner tests the function in several different ways, the system isn’t perfect but at least as an owner you will have the video footage of the culprit and most will get scared away by the horns, headlights flashing and spooky music playing in full volume.

Currently, you have to manually turn-on Sentry Mode while you park your Tesla vehicle which to most owners is somewhat annoying, a Tesla owner request for a feature change to Elon Musk, asking him if a dialog box appears as soon as you park the car to turn the Sentry Mode ON or keep it OFF to which Elon Musk replied:

What this means is that there will be updates to Sentry Mode in the near future as Tesla is the only company able to modify their cars by just a simple over-the-air software update.

Video: Cookie Monster trying to steal cookies from a Tesla Model 3 in Sentry Mode

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