Tesla 'Dog Mode' keeps pets safe when owner is away

Tesla’s ‘Dog Mode’ keeps your pets safe while you’re away

Tesla introduces ‘Dog Mode’ probably for the first time in the history of car making, this must be the 2nd original innovation by the automaker after the ‘Fart App‘. Dog Mode enables Tesla owners to keep their pets safely inside the locked car while they are away.

Dog Mode keeps the climate appropriate for the pets to feel cushy inside the car, while the center touchscreen displays the message that ‘My Owner will be back soon. Don’t worry! The heater/AC is on and the it’s (X) ℉’.

The center screen’s prominent message ensures that people looking from outside the car don’t try to break the car windows in an attempt to rescue the pets. Tesla released the following release notes for Dog Mode for further clarification.

Keep your dog comfortable in your car while letting people passing by know they don’t need to worry with Dog Mode. In addition to keeping the climate on, the touchscreen will display the current cabin temperature. To enable Dog Mode, tap the fan icon at the bottom of the touchscreen when your car is parked. Set Keep Climate On to DOG, make adjustments within restricted temperature limits, then leave knowing your pet will stay comfortable.

Note: Check local laws for any restrictions on leaving pets unattended in your car. (2019.5.1)

Dog Mode is an extension to the ‘Keep Climate On’ update that Tesla released just around the end of last year, according to a test in extremely cold weather, a Tesla enthusiast was able to survive for more than 24 hours using the ‘Keep Climate On’ option and still driving range was left in his Model X’s battery pack.

Tesla Model S and Model X are also equipped with the Bioweapon Defense Mode that utilizes the 10X larger and more complicated filtration system to regulate the car’s interior environment.

Video: ‘Dog Mode’ demonstration in a Tesla Model 3

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