Tesla Cybertruck's Russian knock-off in the snow.

Watch the entire making of the Tesla Cybertruck’s Russian knock-off

Tesla Cybertruck has been a true inspiration in Russia, a few weeks after its launch, the first Cybertruck replica was spotted in Moscow, and the internet went berserk. Now YouTubers from the Russian Garage 54 Channel have made a DIY Tesla Cybertruck knock-off, and they showed the entire process of how they made it.

Garage 54 made their version of the Cybertruck using an old UAZ off-road pickup truck’s chassis as the base and created the frame and the body above that, the end product looks cool but in my opinion is a little bit chubby than the original, also it is not electric.

The above Cybertruck clone appeared in the following DIY video, showing the Russian Cybertruck fans building it on a Lada car (Russian brand) for about $10,800 in costs, good for a one time adventure.

Tesla Cybertruck is so popular these days that a while back another YouTuber made a fake Cybertruck using cardboard and paint, on the inside, it was a single cabin Ford F-150 Pickup Truck, people actually believed it was ‘the Cybertruck’ looking at it from a distance outside a Tesla Store in Atlanta, Georgia.

But the new Cybertruck is better than this one, as it is built out of a truck rather than a car, and the team of this DIY project seems to have made their version of the iconic Cybertruck with relative ease.

This suggests that the mass production of the Tesla Cybertruck will be a lot easier for the Silicon Valley-based automaker with now a decade of manufacturing experience on their hands, also the simplicity of the unibody of the Cybertruck will make faster production and deliveries a breeze.

Tesla is aiming to start the Cybertruck production in 2021 with the top with Dual and Tri-Motor variants, single motor reservation holders will have to wait another year or so to get the pickup truck of their dreams.

According to Motor Trend, the prototype Tesla Cybertruck is “unibody-on-frame” just as the Land Rover Defender but the production versions will be a unibody — until then let’s enjoy the Russian Clones, the following one is the best one yet, IMO.

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