First RHD Tesla Model 3s have reached the UK

The first RHD Tesla Model 3s have arrived in the UK, deliveries start next week

The first batch of Right-Hand-Drive Tesla Model 3s have reached the United Kingdom and several owners are reporting the delivery dates starting Thursday 20th June. A picture of Tesla Model 3 cars loaded on a car carrier trailer has been posted on Twitter that confirms their presence in the country.

According to the following tweet by R Symons LTD (a Tesla enthusiast’s UK EV and Tesla used car sales business), a number of trucks loaded with RHD Tesla Model 3 vehicles are headed for Tesla Heathrow, London as of this writing.

According to our previous report, the large vehicle transport vessel ‘Grand Mark’ carrying RHD Model 3s has yet to reach Port of Zeebrugge, Belgium but this first batch of the UK Model 3s was probably onboard the Grand Dahlia that has left Zeebrugge on the 15th already after unloading cars.

Photo Credits: The above photo was originally posted at TMC by @Tcxcadet

The Dover port connects continental Europe to the United Kingdom, these Model 3s might have been transported to the UK using a smaller vessel but this came as a total surprise to everyone like earlier this year’s Denmark Model 3 spottings.

According to multiple owner reports, the first deliveries are scheduled on Thursday are the Model 3 Performance variants with the Black & White interior, also simply called the white interior by normal folks, looking at the spotted RHD Model 3 pic above also shows the white seats from behind.

Ligthed 'T' for Tesla Model 3 by EVANNEX

R Symons LTD will also be showcasing the UK’s first RHD Tesla Model 3 Performance at their office location the next-day they get the delivery of their car, they made the following announcement on their Facebook page:

The RHD Tesla Model 3 deliveries for the UK are coming sooner than everyone expected, the best estimate was late June or early July according to the Grand Mark vessel which is still in transit, but this is some great news for the UK Model 3 owners, of which many have been waiting for more than three years for the car  now.

Exciting times now start for Tesla as a company and the owners of  Teslas and EVs in general in the United Kingdom, the adoption of sustainable transportation will surely accelerate in the country after Tesla Model 3 sales increase throughout Britain.

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