Tesla Model Y under cover teased just hours before the unveil

Just hours before Model Y unveil Tesla releases short teaser clip

About 9 hours into the Model Y unveil event, Tesla is still playing with the hearts of fans and potential owners by releasing a short teaser video clip (below). Fans, journalists, enthusiasts, and YouTubers have gathered in Los Angeles, California for today’s big event at the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne.

The newest efforts to liven up the teaser render of the front fascia of the Model Y are still ongoing, some of the better images posted below. Speculation is at the all-time high since the Model 3 unveil event 3 years ago.

Tesla’s Design Center site is getting the Supercharger V3 stalls installed (news from Teslarati), maybe a demonstration of the V3 Supercharging on Model Y is also going to happen today. Musk previously promised that test-rides will be given at the event, no surprise as Roadster 2.0 and Model 3 events also offered test-rides.

Tesla just posted the following short teaser clip about an hour ago featuring a veiled Model Y SUV inside the Tesla Design Studio, similar shots were present in Tesla’s 2018 promo video, it is clear now that the vehicle shown in the video was actually a Tesla Model Y prototype.

The fog surrounding the vehicle will clear up this evening when Elon Musk unveils the company’s smaller SUV, from the teaser above looks like the car has inherited some Tesla Model X styling, especially on the rear-end, no falcon-wing doors this time for sure.

Trevor from Model 3 Owners Club designed an interesting bingo card that describes the flow of Model Y unveil event’s activities in a fun way, this is what usually happens at major unveils that Tesla’s Chief Design Franz Von Holzhausen opens the show and invites Elon Musk for a presentation.

Elon Musk then explains Tesla’s mission statement and why they are doing what they are doing, the vehicles then unveil on the stage and the rest happens with some jokes from the CEO or audience.

Tesla Model Y unveil event bingo card.
Tesla Model Y unveil event bingo card. By Model 3 Owners Club

What you think will be an additional surprise besides the Model Y unveiling today? Autopilot Hardware 3.0 announcement, Tesla Pickup Truck, Roadster with SpaceX Package or simply nothing else? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, you can also join the following poll from Teslarati on Twitter.

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