Tesla Model Y new teaser image on website and email invites to Mar 14 event.

Tesla posts a new Model Y teaser image on website and in email invites

Tesla Inc. publishes a new Model Y teaser image on the company website and in the invitation emails to the Mar 14th unveil event — the invite-only event is limited to select employees, owners, media, social media influencers and enthusiasts from around the world.

The new Model Y teaser illustration now shows a set of new feature highlights like the side-mirrors and eye-brow style front parking lights which were previously not seen in the first and second teaser images released within the last two years.

Tesla Model Y is expected to disrupt the mid-sized and crossover SUV segment of the auto industry be it electric or internal combustion engine (ICE) — just like her sibling, the Tesla Model 3.

The new teaser image as we can see (above and below) reveals to some extent that the design cues are carried over from the Model 3, Elon Musk also said recently that the Model Y will be 10% larger than the Model 3.

These design similarities and based on the Model 3 platform, Tesla will not need to go through the production hell they experienced after the launch of Tesla Model 3, the battery packs will easily fit into the new Model Y design, already enabled with the latest Supercharger V3 super fast charging.

I have created an animated gif (below) to show how Tesla has transitioned the front fascia design from releasing the 1st to the latest and probably the last teaser image of the Model Y.

Tesla Model Y - Animated GIF showing design transition from 1st to the latest Model Y teaser image.
Tesla Model Y - Animated GIF showing design transition from 1st to the latest Model Y teaser image. Credits: Iqtidar Ali / Tesla
Ligthed 'T' for Tesla Model 3 by EVANNEX

Earlier versions of the Model Y teaser images showcased the vehicle without the side-mirrors, this sparked the speculation that the electric SUV by Tesla will come with cameras instead of the side-mirrors but Tesla just dumped the topic days before final unveiling.

Tesla is sending the following email invitation to a selected audience, the email invite graphic also shows the latest teaser image of the Model Y, Trever from M3OC did a little photoshop trick on the image to expose the vehicle as much as possible.

Looking at all the signs and in regards to the information available, I think the interior of the Model Y will also be closely similar to the Model 3 — simple, elegant, and a large center touchscreen with all the controls, Model 3 experiment didn’t go wrong, so why not repeat and keep the costs low.

Let’s wait a few more days and Thursday will reveal everything we want to see and know about Tesla’s opening of a new vehicle lineup.

Tesla Model Y unveil event invitation email (Mar 14th)
Tesla Model Y unveil event invitation email (Mar 14th)
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