Breaking the Tesla Model X falcon-wing door

How to break a Tesla Model X falcon wing door [video]

Dec 24, 2018 | by Iqtidar Ali

Hustling might cost big sometimes as we can see in the video below where a Tesla Model X owner damages their left-side falcon wing door while backing up the vehicle from the garage.

While its funny to watch the incident but also horrible for a luxury SUV owner, we are talking about a door being totaled that was the reason for Model Xs launch and production delays as it was a design and engineering challenge that Tesla aims to never attempt again.

Although a Tesla Model X is one of the toughest and safest cars on the planet and can even bear a small plane crashing into it, what the Model X driver in this video is trying to do is pure insanity that would have cost them $10-20k and and an unprecedented wait time on the repair or replacement.

Let’s watch how you can easily and quickly break your Tesla Model X falcon wing door in reverse gear:

Clearly, the driver here is at fault as she looked in a hurry and did not notice that one of the doors was still open, this may have been because of the door sensing something underneath and closing slowly or a bit late.

The Model X falcon wing doors have several sensors in order to prevent things from crushing underneath while closing (see video below), also Model X falcon wing doors can open and close in tight parking spaces to provide convenience for the occupants.

Recently Swiss Government added a modified Tesla Model X to their Basel City Police Department‘s patrol fleet to help in day to day activities of the cops, which proves the electric SUV’s utility capabilities and versatility.

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