Basel City, Switzerland Police adds a Tesla Model X 100D to its fleet

Modified Tesla Model X is a new addition to Basel City Police Department in Switzerland

Basel City, Switzerland: The Police department added a new modified Tesla Model X 100D electric vehicle to its patrol fleet this past Thursday (photos and video below). The Police department of Basel-Stadt procured 7 Tesla Model X 100Ds earlier this year as part of their sustainability initiative.

Basel Police department’s Tesla Model X is heavily modded with upgrades to hardware and even the Tesla software to fit the requirements of a police pursuit vehicle. A real-time GPS tracking, alarm system, and radio transmitters are part of the already high-tech car from Tesla.

Tesla vehicles with Autopilot 2.0 hardware are already equipped with Radars and Cameras, so ‘Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)’ system might have been a lot easier to develop with only software modifications (see interior photos for visible software modifications).

Reasons for adding Tesla’s electric vehicles to the Basel City Police Department include environmental friendliness, low cost of maintenance, large storage space, and great handling and acceleration as described in a press release earlier this year.

Talking about space, the front-trunk (frunk) of the Basel Police’s Tesla Model X is being used for storing the safety helmets of the cops (see picture gallery below).

Model X 100D is a fast electric SUV that will be able to catch the bad guys easily within the 37 km² total areas of the Basel City of Switzerland — with a range of ~475 km on a single charge, Tesla Model X 100D will have no issue roaming the city streets freely on any given day.

Canton of Basel-Stadt Police Department has installed two 22.0 kW IWB charging stalls using a type-2 connector at the Kannenfeld and Clara Police stations for easy access of recharging their electric vehicle squad.

Base City bought the Tesla Model X 100D vehicles for 140,000 francs each earlier this year in March, but this Model X seems to be the first one to be customized to the requirements of the Police department.

The Traffic Police department of Fukuoka Japan also added 22 Nissan Leaf electric cars to their patrol fleet for the sake of sustainability and lives of the future generations. Such decisions from Governments around the world are worthy of appreciation and show their concern for the larger good of humanity.

Tesla subreddit user u/laser_llama posted some great pictures of the Basel Police Department’s Tesla Model X 100D that I retouched for a better visibility.

Video: Basel City Police’s Tesla Model X P100D in action.

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