Fix various Tesla Model 3 rattle issues.

Fix various Tesla Model 3 ratttle issues in minutes (video)

Although the earlier production Tesla Model 3 panel gaps and alignment issues are long gone since production at the Tesla Fremont factory streamlined, still owners might face small issues here and there sometimes. The following video addresses rattling noises coming out of various parts and places of the Model 3 that include the following:

  • Passenger side front wheel well and fender liner joint
  • Passenger door speaker and tweeter
  • Driver side footwell area against the AC vent

To take care of the rattling noises, this Model 3 owner uses a ‘window adhesive foam (Foam Seal Tape)’ which is available on Amazon for $12.78, one roll of the tape is more than enough to take care of these small issues. To fix the rattling of the door tweeter rattle he used CA Superglue after removing it by pulling it up and away from the door panel, the tweeter is held by small tabs inside the frame.

An interesting idea to test the rattle sounds after fixing them is by downloading a tone generator app from your mobile phone’s app store, play the soundtrack from outside the car at 75 -100% after connecting the phone via Bluetooth, a friend or assistant sitting inside the car can easily find the rattling sounds with this method.

A while back we posted a video of a bit more complex tutorial where the Model 3 owner fixed the rattle sound coming from the seatbelt adjuster, include that and your car will have zero rattling sounds in addition to the zero-emissions, with the absence of a traditional engine, Tesla Model 3 is one of the quietest cars on planet earth, also helping reduce noise pollution.

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  • Jim Stack
    Posted at 14:16h, 08 January Reply

    Our 3 made in march 2018 doesn’t seem to have any rattles. Very smooth and quiet with no problems after 16k miles and 2 years.

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