DIY: Fixing the Tesla Model 3 seat belt adjuster rattle issue.

DIY: Fixing the Tesla Model 3 seat belt adjuster rattle sound (video)

A rattling noise in a silent electric car like the Tesla Model 3 can be irritating, especially when the noise is being generated near your ear while you drive or enjoying your ride as a front seat passenger — Tesla Model 3 seat belt adjuster can do that to you if it has the rattle issue several owners are experiencing.

Tesla YouTuber named ‘LivingTesla‘ took their Model 3 to the Tesla service center to fix the seat belt adjuster rattle but weren’t able to get rid of the noise totally, so they took the matter into their own hands and created the following DIY video on how to fix this problem.

The Tools and stuff you will need to start working on this do-it-yourself fix are:

  • Wrench: Torx T45
  • Wrench: Torx T50
  • Fill Tape
  • Pair of Scissors
  • Some experience and confidence fixing expensive stuff like your car
Tesla Model 3 Interior Vinyl Kit

According to LivingTesla, Tesla once replaced the seat belt adjuster under warranty but the rattling sound did not go away, in the comments section Christian posted the following reply while several other Model 3 owners reporting the same issue in their cars.

Thank you so much for this. Tesla literally couldn’t figure it out after 2-3 service appointments so they just insulated one pillar to reduce the noise. Still here it from time to time. They only insulated the driver side so now I’ve been hearing it on the passenger side and couldn’t recreate it at service for them to fix. Sounds like a creaking rocking chair.

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