Making the Tesla Model 3 drive-able in extreme cold weather, in this video about -34 °C.

Tesla Model 3 gets all warmed up and ready to drive in just 5 mins at -34 °C (video)

Tesla owners are always in pursuit of breaking the myths surrounding Tesla cars and electric vehicles, therefore the world considers them the biggest salesforce the California based automaker has at its disposal — a Tesla Model 3 Long-Range AWD owner shows how easy it is to warm up your car’s interior to drive-able temperature in an extreme cold at -34 °C (-29.2 °F) outside.

The thing to remember here is that there is no requirement for a Tesla to start driving at these temperatures but if it s -24 °C inside the car, it is wise to pre-condition the interior to a healthy warmth — and that you can do without touching your car even, from the Tesla Mobile App an owner can easily start the process by using the ‘Turn ON Climate’ feature.

Usually people have the following cold weather concerns regarding Tesla and electric vehicles:

  • What’s it like to own an electric car in extreme cold?
  • Do Teslas/electric cars have trouble getting started in snow/ice?
  • How long does it take to warm up the car?
  • Are EVs comfortable to drive in cold weather?

All of these questions are answered in the following short video that was recorded in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada — the owner started warming up the car when it was -34 °C (-29.2 °F) outside and the interior temperature of the Tesla model 3 was -24 °C (-11.2 °C) after remotely conditioning the interior climate to 20 °C (68 °F) the car was a breeze to drive.

In such cold weather and snowy conditions, it is very much recommeded to use winter tires and Tesla officially offers snow chains for the Model 3 in their online store to get the best traction and ensure safety, also by following cold weather tips from experienced Tesla owners can help get the best out of your Tesla or EV at this time of the year.

Bjørn Nyland who is a famous Tesla/EV entusiast from Norway once tested if someone can survive an entire night in temperatures like -15 °C (5 °F) in a Tesla Model X? Yes anyone can and how much battery capacity is lost in this stunt? The results are very much surprising.

About cruising in extreme Canadian cold weather, our co-author Ian Pavelko went on a snow rallying night and his Tesla Model 3 Performance aka MAGNETO did a great job at this event and he shared it all in his detailed and interesting article for us.

The verdict? Tesla electric cars are great in winter!

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