Tesla Model 3 in snow with winter tires

These ‘Tesla Model 3 in Snow’ photos will send chills down your spine

Since it’s the winter season, looking at some ultra-cool Model 3 photos surely increases the cold feeling, we have been looking for some ‘Tesla Model 3 in Snow’ photos for your viewing pleasure and have found the following to be the best.

Wandering in the snow does not require that you have a Dual Motor (All-Wheel Drive) Model 3 a Rear-Wheel Drive Model 3 with winter just does the job for you as Sergei Belski notes in his latest Model 3 photoshoot:

The question I get asked the most is if my Tesla is AWD… the answer is no, it’s RWD and it’s amazing in snow and ice! I do have great winter tires on… Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9, studded.

Sergei recently took his RWD Model 3 to Banff National Park, Canada and took some great photos (you can ask Sergei for a photoshoot by contacting him via his blog) — because his Model 3 is black it creates an interesting contrast with the snow, let’s look at the pictures.

Installing winter tires for snow/ice driving is the best safety measure you can take for yourself and your family — besides this, as we earlier reported there are several other cold weather tips you can follow to enjoy the winter season with your Model 3 or any electric vehicle.

If you have a specific question related to winter tires you can reach out to our friend and tire guru Ian Pavelko (@IanPavelko) for professional advice.

Another set of Model 3 in Snow photos looks amazing as well that we were able to trace by crawling through Instagram, let’s take a look below.

Photos by: @sernosk | @3lectric_model3@teslamotorsclub (Instagram)

Recently Tesla posted a video of a Model 3 performing fast laps on a snowy track — Tesla did not reply which variant of the Model 3 it was but we assume that this is the Model 3 Performance with winter tires and ‘Track Mode’.

In this official Tesla video below, Model 3 shows its true performance in handling, track grip, and maneuverability, now you can have fun in the snow without a skateboard if you have a Tesla model 3.

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