Tesla Model 3 snow chain for enhanced traction in winter driving

Cruise the snowy paths with the Tesla Model 3 ‘snow chains’ for each wheel size

Although a Tesla Model 3 performs reasonably well in snowy conditions with winter tires, Tesla has now approved multiple snow chains for Model 3 18″, 19″, and 20″ Performance wheels. The Model 3 snow chain would especially come in handy when you’re not using the winter tires.

The snow chain provides better traction control in heavy snow and hilly areas, this setup can boost the confidence of Tesla Model 3 owners driving in the coldest regions of the world.

The 18″ and 19″ Model 3 snow chains are from Pewag with the RS 76 (18″) and RS 77 (19″) models — each of these is available for $115 from the Tesla online store which is a very competitive price compared it to Amazon’s $123 price tag. The RS 77 has some great user reviews on Amazon, one of the reviewers Justin says:

This uses a brilliant method for chain tightening (a tiny pulley/ratchet mechanism) to ensure you don’t have loose chains that tear up your car. It’s also a little complicated to understand at first so be sure you put these on (and take them off) several times as practice before you try it on a cold snowy road… I practiced only once so it took me a good 15 min to re-read the instructions and get them on which sucked in the middle of a snowstorm. They worked well though, I couldn’t make it up a snowy/icy mountain pass in my Acura TSX without them.

You can buy the 18″ Model 3 snow chain here and the 19″ Model 3 snow chain here from Tesla Inc.’s online store.

Aftermarket Tesla Accessories by EVANNEX

The Model 3 snow chain for 20″ Performance wheels is provided by Maggi Trak ($290 a pair), the Tesla store provides the following information as product description:

The Maggi Trak Sport 214 Snow Chains are approved for Tesla-manufactured 20” wheels and Tesla-approved 235/35R20 tires for your Model 3 vehicle.

The Trak Sport 214 chains provide excellent traction and durability in snowy conditions. A new, upgraded design simply requires one fixing point on the outer side of the drive wheels. Chains should only be installed on the rear wheels.

Features chain construction with 3 mm diameter cross-section links in high alloy steel.

You can buy the 20″ Tesla Model 3 snow chain from the Tesla store here.  Tesla also provides the following video tutorial on installing the 20″ traction-enhancing snow chains to your Model 3 Performance.

We think this is a good step taken by Tesla in enhancing occupants safety in snowy/icy road conditions and this winter season has been one of the harshest in history, we can expect more or less the same next year, so keep your Model 3 snow chains safe after the winter season to use later on. Download Tesla Model 3 snow chain installation manual (PDF) for 20″ Performance wheels/tires.

Remember to always only install the ‘snow chains’ on a Tesla Model 3’s ‘rear wheels’ as per Tesla’s recommendation.

Tesla is also offering the Model 3 18″ Aero Wheel and Winter Tire Package (set of 4) for normal winter driving the price of the package is $2,000 USD, you can get them here.

Video Tutorial: Installing the Model 3 snow chain on 20″ Performance wheels

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