Tesla Model 3 Performance wins Doug Car of the Year 2019 award.

Doug DeMuro awards Tesla Model 3 Performance car of the year 2019

Famous car enthusiast and YouTuber with 3.8 million subscribers ‘Doug Demuro’ just invented the first car awards he named ‘Doug Car Awards’ — and out of more than 100 exotic, performance, and luxury cars he reviewed in 2019 he awarded the Tesla Model 3 Performance the ‘car of the year’ accolade.

He says it wasn’t hard to think about Tesla Model 3 is the winner of this award because this car especially and all Teslas, in general, have obvious advantages over traditional cars, not to forget that Doug is not a typical Tesla fan, he comes from a hardcore petrolhead background.

He commented the following when awarding the Model 3 Performance his car of the year:

This car is not only the best car I’ve tested this year, but it’ll be gonna shortlisted for the very best cars of the modern era, period.

Let me tell you why, first off Tesla has managed to democratize performance, in a way that nobody else has been able to, and so you can no longer reserve very fast 0-60 times for your most expensive models because people just say fine, I am just gonna buy a Tesla, I can do it in 2.9, and that is a HUGE thing, because it basically renders meaningless, these crazy acceleration times that you previously had to spend 200,000 dollars to get a supercar to do.

Doug than comments on some unique features of the Tesla Model 3 that distinguish it from legacy cars like the video games, Autopilot, and technological advancement that this car is equipped with. Among all the driver’s assistance systems he has tested from various manufacturers, he rates Tesla Autopilot one of the best.

Price Point

A Tesla Model 3 Performance ($56,990) offers a lot for the price it is sold for, for example, it has the 0-60 mph acceleration same as a BMW M5 Competition ($110,000) for around half the price of an M5 Competition, not just that any performance car that has the 0-60 numbers in the lower 3s is way more expensive than the Model 3 Performance.

Doug thinks that Tesla Model 3 Performance has so much to offer for the money at this price point that you cannot simply think of not buying this car.

Doug’s Verdict

However, according to Doug the best thing that he most admires about a Tesla car is the ability to get the over-the-air (OTA) abilities, the car can get enhanced performance, new entertainment options, bug fixes, and even improved braking distance as it once happened after Consumer Reports mentioned the car didn’t match their criteria.

Using this ability, Tesla just pushed out a massive OTA update (2019.40.50) to all Tesla owners before the holiday season to enjoy new features, games, voice commands, and in-car entertainment options, legacy automakers offered nothing.

Recently Tesla released a software update that upgrades the non-Performance Model 3 AWD car’s 0-60 mph from 4.4 seconds to 3.9 seconds, no other car manufacturer on planet earth has the ability to do that yet.

I have set the video play time to where Doug starts his thoughts and comments when awarding Tesla Model 3 Perfomance his car of the year, and he does it with strong reasons.

Ligthed 'T' for Tesla Model 3 by EVANNEX

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