White Tesla Model 3 Configurator China and Europe

Tesla opens Model 3 configurator for public in China and Europe

After a record Q4, 2018 Model 3 deliveries, Tesla is aiming at more left-hand-drive (LHD) markets which mainly consist of China and most European countries.

Until now only ‘reservation holders’ from China and Europe were able to place their custom Model 3 order through ‘invite-only’ access to the Tesla Model 3 online design studio — but now the Model 3 configurator is open for anyone to customize and place their order.


The Chinese Tesla Model 3 is available in two options i.e. a Long Range Dual Motor (All-Wheel-Drive) and the Dual Motor Performance version — both of these are premium variants of the Model 3 that are targeted at a specific market segment, seems like Chinese Tesla customers will need to wait for the Mid-Range Model 3 until Gigafactory China is functional.

Tesla Model 3 Performance version offered in China has the unique ’19” Power Sports Aero Wheels’ (closeup picture below), these specific wheels provide unique form and function to the Performance Model 3.

Tesla China states that these 19″ Power Sports Wheels provide balanced performance and cruising range, the hubcap is detachable to better adapt to different road conditions, Tesla might have to take this decision taking into account variable road conditions in China compared to the United States or Europe.

Tesla Model 3 Performance 'Power Sports Aero Wheels' in China
Tesla Model 3 Performance 'Power Sports Aero Wheels' in China. Click/Tap for larger version. Photo by: Tesla China

Chinese Tesla Model 3 Prices:

Tesla is offering Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) for RMB 46,300 (~USD 6740) in China and the car prices seem to be a bit higher compared to the United States but the import tariffs and shipping costs should justify this price.

Let’s look at the Model 3 China prices with and without EAP in the below table, these prices do not include any premium colors or options just the black interior and exterior.

PricesModel 3 Long Range AWDModel 3 Performance
Without Enhanced Autopilot¥ 499,000 ($72,642)¥ 560,000 ($81,522)
With Enhanced Autopilot¥ 545,300 ($79,382)¥ 606,300 ($88,262)


Tesla started displaying U.S. version Tesla Model 3 across Europe in mid-November last year, which was a successful tour as Model 3 received a warm welcome from European reservation holders, enthusiasts and potential customers (Model 3 Europe Journey Part 1 | Part 2).

Today Tesla announced that the Model 3 configurator is open in left-hand-drive (LHD) European countries which almost includes whole Europe except for the United Kingdom where the right-hand-drive (RHD) cars are driven.

If we look at the European Tesla Model 3 configurator the prices of the Model 3 fall in the ‘luxury’ car category, looking at social media and Tesla related forums most Europeans are looking at a lower end Model 3 they can rather easily afford.

Like China Europe currently only gets the Long Range AWD and the Performance versions to buy, the more affordable versions might be available later in the year, Model 3 deliveries are expected to start as early as next month for early reservation holders that have placed the order already.

Model 3 Europe Prices

Let’s check out the current Tesla Model 3 prices taken from the Tesla Design Studio. These prices don’t include premium interior or exterior paints or extra options.

PricesModel 3 Long Range AWDModel 3 Performance
Without Enhanced Autopilot€ 56,380 ($64,281)€ 67,080 ($76,481)
With Enhanced Autopilot€ 61,580 ($70,210)€ 72,280 ($82,410)
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