Tesla Model 3 in Europe

Tesla Model 3 Europe: How you can get 6 months of ‘Free Supercharging’ with your order

European Tesla Model 3 reservation holders need not worry about their 6 months free Supercharging perk as Tesla is offering it to you if you adhere the simple procedure explained below.

Tesla Model 3 reservation holders from Europe don’t have the option of directly going through a referral link and ordering their vehicle to get the referral benefits — After placing your order from the Tesla Design Studio, you need to request for attaching a referral code to your order via email, follow these steps:

  • Send an email to [email protected] with the word ‘Referral‘ in the subject line
  • In the body of the email include your ‘Name‘ and ‘Contact Information
  • Don’t forget to mention your order’s ‘Reservation Number (RN#)‘ in the email
  • Add the ‘Referral Code‘ from one your friends or you can use the one from our website’s friend Steven Peeters from Belgium, here it is: ‘steven1007
  • You’re done, Tesla Europe will contact you regarding your 6 months of Free Supercharging

Steven also explains this process in the following video, let’s take a look:

Tesla is moving on a fast track for Model 3 Europe deliveries which are estimated to start from Feb 2019. Tesla is currently displaying Model 3s in select showrooms across the European region that we covered in our reports previously ( Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Madrid, Spain below ).

Tesla is also displaying a Model 3 in their Royal Park showroom in London, the UK right now but all of these Model 3 vehicles are US versions. Tesla is currently testing Model 3 vehicles with a CCS charge port in the Netherlands and is working on testing ‘Air-Suspension’ soon.

Tesla Supercharger stations in Europe will be retrofitted with a CCS charge cable in addition to the normal Type 2 Supercharger port.

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Photo Gallery: Model 3 in Tesla Store Madrid, Spain

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