Tesla Model 3 spotted charging via CCS Port in Netherlands

Tesla Model 3 spotted charging via CCS Port in the Netherlands, Air-Suspension is next

Great news for Tesla Model 3 reservation holders and potential customers started coming since last month when Tesla embarked on a Model 3 display journey across the continent.

A few weeks ago Tesla confirmed that the automaker is preparing to bring Model 3 with a CCS charge port in Europe — this will enable Model 3 owners to charge their vehicles on long-distance travel with ease.

Yesterday a member of the TeslaTurk (Tesla Owner’s Club in Turkey) spotted a Tesla Model 3 while charging which was retrofitted with a CCS charge port — as we can see in the pictures below, the car is filling up electrons through a Tesla Destination Charger with a CCS plug.

The member of the TeslaTurk asked more questions to the Tesla engineers present at the charging spot in Arnhem, Netherlands — to which they replied:

Last year in August, Elon Musk said that the Model 3 smart air suspension is coming in 6 months but with ‘production hell’ in action, this ordeal didn’t materialize but earlier this year Tesla confirmed that Air-Suspension for Model 3 will be coming in 6 months.

Photo Credits: TeslaTurk

Several Tesla Model 3 vehicles are also spotted in Europe while being shipped to an unknown location by a member of the Model 3 Owners Club (see below). These Model 3s might be one of the test cars that will be retrofitted with air-suspension and CCS ports for testing and evaluation in European conditions.

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