Bjørn Nyland's incredible story of winning 4 Tesla electric vehicles

The incredible story of an EV evangelist who won 4 Teslas

Yes, that’s correct 4 Tesla cars from a Model X up to 2 x Next-gen Roadsters and a Model S in the middle — this is the journey of none other than the pioneering EV evangelist and Tesla YouTuber Bjørn Nyland from Norway.

Just recently he received his 2nd Tesla referral program prize, a fully loaded top-end Tesla Model S P100DL, this is the best car you can get from Tesla at this time and in red color, it’s a feast to one’s eyes (note: The Tesla referral program has now been discontinued).

After many hurdles and almost a wait of two years, Bjorn got his Model S P100D Ludicrous (0-60 in 2.5 seconds) which he plans to sell to someone who is willing to pay around €100,000. Selling the vehicle will enable him to pay taxes for his other Tesla cars he won including his Model X which goes by the name of ‘Optimus Prime’.

In his latest video, he shares with his followers and the Tesla community how he started his YouTube channel to promote electric vehicle adoption in 2013 this was the era of low awareness about EVs and Teslas overall.

Bjorn also gave us a great walkthrough of his Model S P100DL which has some design changes implemented like the matte gray borders for the dashboard and screen vs. the chrome ones used before, maybe it’s the top-tier stuff.

The black interior on the red exterior color also looks great and gives the car a more sporty look instead of a luxurious one, Bjorn ordered the black ventilated seats, according to him white seats can be a bit of problem in keeping them clean, but Tesla Model 3 white seats can even bear the stains of red wine.

The frunk of a Performance variant of a Model S is a little smaller than the non-performance version as this space is packed with some tech and engineering stuff to unleash the car’s full potential.

A video of the  Tesla’s ‘Dog Mode’ was also shot by Bjorn in his new Model S (below) to demonstrate the feature, the fact that electric vehicles can turn on heaters without the engine being ON is another EV advantage over ICE.

Bjorn’s cute chihuahua named ‘dolly’ was a little nervous in Dog Mode but was ultimately fine, maybe this car was new to the pet and made him a bit uneasy.

Ligthed 'T' for Tesla Model 3 by EVANNEX
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