Tesla Enthusiast wins Two Tesla Roadsters via the referral program.

Tesla enthusiast wins 2 Tesla Roadsters worth $500k via the referral program

Tesla’s unique way of marketing among all the automakers is spreading the word through existing owners and in return rewarding them with perks through the referral program.

At a level where you can refer as many people as Bjørn Nyland or Ben Sullins, you get the real reward — a next-generation Founders Series Tesla Roadster which is priced at a hefty $250,000.

There is another level to this crazy reward program and it’s the possibility of winning even two Tesla Roadsters worth half a million dollars and Bjørn Nyland has reached this milestone. According to Bjørn Tesla has confirmed officially that there is no issue winning two Roadsters.

A while ago we explained how you can win a next-gen Founders Series Roadster via the Tesla referral program (details here).

The simplest math to this reward is that you have to earn at least 55 referrals for the next-gen Tesla Roadster and at least 105 in total to get two Roadsters. Bjørn Nyland explains how he won the prize and how he is planning to spend the reward in his latest video below.

Bjørn Nyland is one of the early adopters of the EV program and is considered a legendary figure when it comes to helping Tesla get more coverage among the masses via YouTube years ago. He also won a Model X P90D which he calls ‘Optimus Prime’ via Tesla‘s referral program.

He has introduced countless people to the EV/Tesla realms via his YouTube videos through the years continue to influence people to convert to electric vehicles from internal combustion engine(ICE) cars.

We congratulate Bjørn on this grand win that he rightfully deserves. Ultimately he will have to sell one Roadster to pay the taxes for the other one and another Tesla Model S, he has won earlier and is waiting to be shipped.

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