Tesla Model 3 owner smiling at the Toyota Camry driver who challenges him in a street race and gets smoked.

Tesla Model 3 owner ‘converts’ a Toyota Camry driver after a random street race challenge

Interesting stuff happens all the time on the streets but this is something special that truly impressed the owners of an internal combustion engine vehicle owners when a Tesla Model 3 was challenged by them in a cocky way and unexpectedly.

So it was the duty of the Tesla driver to show the ICE drivers the power of the electric drivetrain and especially that of a Tesla — when the first red light the Toyota Camry driver tried to bully the Model 3 with its acceleration not knowing what would happen next as the Model 3 owner smiled at the next red light.

The unwelcomed challenger was now at the next stoplight trying to shame the Tesla for the 2nd time but what happened next had never sparked their imagination before, the Tesla Model 3 flew away like a jet and the Camry was far behind even with its full throttle.

Perhaps the ICE car owners still thought of an electric car like a ‘golf cart’ and must have been living under a rock to not know a Tesla or EV can channelize the maximum amount of torque instantly — no lag, feel that!

The Tesla Model 3 owner also inserted the rear dashcam feed in the video to capture how far the Camry was left when his Tesla initiated the launch.

The Tesla Model 3 owner Nick Phan was still smiling when the Toyota Camry stopped by the side for a little chit chat:

Camry Driver: “One day I’m buying one, One day I’m buying one!”

Nick: “Tesla Model 3, Model 3 yeah it’s worth it, starting $35k!”.

Camry Driver: “Yeah, it’s not bad, go ahead, appreciate it”.

Nick: “Yeah!”

Instant torque converts a petrolhead into an Tesla lover, not because he cares about sustainability yet but because of the superb performance of the car, the superior acceleration of the Model 3 over the ICE Camry instantly diminishes all the false beliefs about electric cars.

If anyone argues in favor of the deprecated ICE cars show them the above video and share the reactions in the comments section below.

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Ligthed 'T' for Tesla Model 3 by EVANNEX
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