Watch a Tesla Model 3 perform Enhanced Summon in a parking lot

Watch Tesla Model 3 perform ‘Enhanced Summon’ in a parking lot with 2019.20 update

Tesla’s ‘Enhanced Summon’ feature has been long due but accordig the company’s CEO Elon Musk, the Tesla software team is working on it rigorously and the long-awaited update should soon be deployed to cars with Hardware 2.5+.

In the following video a Tesla Early Access Program participant having the latest Tesla firmware (2019.20) on his Model 3 shows how the car walks up to the owner in a parking lot using the Enhanced Summon feature via his Tesl Mobile App.

Only a handful of Tesla Model 3, S and X owners have received the 2019.20 software update and according to the Tesla firmware tracker website TeslaFi, most of these owners belong to California where the Tesla HQ and most of the early access program members are located.

Let’s watch how Enhanced Summon works in the video below.

The last time we saw ‘Enhanced Summon’ in action, the Tesla Model 3 moved a bit slower than in the above video, especially the confidence which with the car came out of the parking space in reverse is worth the watch.

The enhanced summon speed seems to have gone up a bit reflecting the Tesla FSD Neural Net’s growing confidence, the parking lot in the above video was not much crowded and the Tesla Model 3 did the job flawlessly.

Even though the owners outside the Tesla EAP start getting the 2019.20.x software update the Enhanced Summon might still be missing, we will have to wait for a while to see if the feature goes wide-release.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and if you are a Tesla owner and have received the 2019.20 software update you can also write your review about Enhanced Summon.


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