Latest unreleased Smart Summon aka Enhanced Summon tested on a Model 3. The results show a more confident Tesla car then the previous test.

Tesla Model 3 shows more confidence in the latest beta enhanced summon test

Tesla Smart Summon also called the Enhanced Summon feature is improving behind the scenes as the Silicon Valley-based automaker’s team work hard on deploying it — the next big software version i.e. V10 for Tesla vehicles is in the queue, waiting for this feature to be fully reliable.

A couple of weeks ago, Elon Musk announced that the Full Self-Driving feature price increase is halted until the V10 software update with the Smart Summon feature is released after excessive safety and reliability testing.

Elon Musk/Tesla Community called this feature ‘Enhanced Summon’ for a while and now Elon Musk has started calling it ‘Smart Summon’ again, also in the Tesla Mobile app (beta/early access program(EAP)), this feature is now called ‘Enhanced Summon’ now as we can see in the following video.

The current test of the Enhanced Summon shows significant improvements as compared to the previous test with the same Tesla Model 3, at least the car’s confidence level has boosted with the latest EAP software release (version unknown).

One of the new interesting features includes the highlighted path of the Enhanced Summon on the map inside the Tesla mobile app, as we can see in the featured image above and in the video.

The car is now moving faster than the previous version according to the tester (LikeTeslaKim/YouTube), the Tesla Model 3 can be seen moving at 4 mph exceeding the previous test speed — also the current test is in a moderately crowded parking lot, looking at the performance of the car Tesla seems to be going in the right direction here.

This truly looks like a remote-controlled car, reminding me of my childhood, moving the car in and out of a parking space/garage vertically is one thing, this stuff is next-level!

Update: Tesla V10 Software finally launched, watch Smart Summon demos in public version

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