Tesla Semi Truck Frunk spotted for the first time.

Tesla Semi Truck’s ‘frunk’ spotted for the first time ever

Tesla besides innovating many things in the electric vehicle space has come up with a new and unique storage space not present in traditional combustion engine vehicles, it is the front trunk now widely known as the ‘frunk’ — the entire world was wondering if the Tesla Semi Truck had the frunk or not, now the mystery is solved, it does have a frunk which can be seen in the picture below.

The red Tesla Semi which was most recently showcased at the 2019 Tesla Shareholder Meeting was spotted by Jerome J Mends-Cole II, the CEO of Sac Tesla Rentals & Apparel in Sacramento, California — Jerome got a chance to take several pictures of the red Tesla Semi including the first-ever shot of the frunk of this electric semi (gallery below).

Although the front-trunk is specific to EVs, most of the upcoming electric vehicles don’t have a large frunk space found in Tesla’s EVs, for example, the Hyundai Kona Electric is totally lacking a frunk space and the Jaguar I-Pace has a very small front trunk when compared to its overall dimensions.

Let’s look at the first-ever picture of the Tesla Semi’s frunk, I have tried to adjust the brightness levels as much as possible to lighten the shadows and get an idea of the space and shape inside.

First ever picture of the Tesla Semi frunk space exposed with brightness increased.
First ever picture of the Tesla Semi frunk space exposed with brightness increased. Tap/Click to zoom-in/download. All photos posted with express written permission of Jerome.

Even after increasing much brightness of the photo, it’s difficult to estimate the depth of the frunk area space, however, the is shape clearly visible as the pocket dimensions are triangular and placed on the left side, the right side has a bump may be due to some internal parts present in that area.

The frunk looks smaller from the distance the photo was taken but this will surely be a new feature for truck drivers doing long or short-haul trips, there is no measurement spec available by Tesla for the Semi Truck’s frunk space but it must be bigger or similar to a Tesla Model S at least, but the exact numbers remain to be seen.

Jerome was able to capture several more photos of the truck while it was stopped at the location, when talking to Jerome I found him very excited about this opportunity, his son was also present at the moment who was also able to sit on the driver’s seat and pretend to drive, according to Jerome his son cannot stop talking about this futuristic truck since then.

When I asked how he himself felt about the experience, Jerome said he feels like this was a unique and exciting opportunity in his life, that’s the power of the Tesla community!

Photo Gallery: Tesla Semi spotted in Sacramento, CA

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