Tesla Semi interior photo showing steering and dual screens

Tesla Semi Truck’s rare interior pictures emerge from Sacramento, CA

Tesla Semi Truck was on display at the 13th & K Street, Sacramento, CA last Wednesday and probably the next day as well. Redditor u/rygel_fievel was able to take some photos of the interior of Tesla’s electric semi, a rare happening of course (photo gallery below).

The last time we saw the interior of the Tesla Semi was almost a year ago where Andrew Black took a short video of the inside of the cabin of the same test-mule while it was at a Supercharger station during its journey.

Last week we reported that the silver Tesla Semi prototype was in Sacramento on a demonstration but further details surfaced on the Tesla Subreddit about the event, the original poster was able to get the following details about the event (excerpt from the Reddit thread):

There is only a day cabin in this model. I only pressed the right screen semi icon to get a very similar UI as Model 3. I should have checked how many miles were actually on the car but he told me a couple of thousand but that seemed to conflict with what he said later that seemed to indicate over 10k

He said the semi would go back to Bay Area when leaving this afternoon.

Front windshield had lots of bugs so there was no effort to detail the car as can be seen with the stain on seats and cup holders that had a bunch of scratches due to it being piano black.

Asked if it had AP and he said hardware was there. Noticed the AP camera was covered in tape too.

Photo Gallery: Tesla Semi Truck’s interior and exterior photos from Sacramento

In the above interior photos, we can see that the dual touchscreens are most probably the same 15″ used in the Tesla Model 3 Sedan and Tesla Model Y CUV — the screens might change in the production version, maybe the shape and size for better user experience.

According to a previous video spotting, the Tesla Semi prototypes have a total of 26 cameras as part of the Autopilot hardware, the Tesla staff did not clearly say that the truck is able to use Autopilot features or not.

The newer view in the interior pictures is the driver’s seat that we had never seen before, the interior of the test-mule Tesla Semi trucks is following the minimalistic design approach that Tesla is implementing in its new vehicle lineup.

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