Next-gen Tesla Roadster's SpaceX cold air thrusters renders not approved by Elon Musk.

Tesla Roadster’s SpaceX cold gas thrusters will not look like these renders, says Elon Musk

Looks like MKBHD and Elon Musk can’t stop talking about the Roadster’s SpaceX package, just about an hour ago a die hard fan asked Elon Musk by showing a few renders of the Next-gen Tesla Roadster created by @CharlieAutomotive via MKBHD to Elon and asked if the thrusters will look anything like these, but Elon Musk denied (see above and photo gallery below).

Because Marques Brownlee has won a Tesla Roadster and he’s most interested in the SpaceX cold gas thrusters package that will enable the car to hover in the air a bit according to Elon Musk, he posted the Charlie Automotive’s art on Twitter and Elon Musk replied:

So, the Next-gen Tesla Roadster‘s SpaceX cold air thrusters will be subtle, it will be difficult to differentiate from a distance between a normal Roadster and the one that can levitate — however the one with SpaceX package will not have the rear seats to accomodate the gas thruster setup.

The discussion of an SpaceX cold gas thrusters again started earlier this year when a video of a hovering DeLorean went viral on Twitter — if a Tesla Roadster could do something like this, it would be very interesting to watch and probably the first car to do that in the entire history of cars.

The SpaceX package is optional feature for even the owners of the Founder’s Series Tesl Roadsters the majority of which are winners of the car through the Tesla Referral Program — so it would cost extra for anyone who wants to fly in a supercar, even if for a few moments.

Photo Gallery: Nex-gen Tesla Roadster SpaceX/Back To The Future renders

Charlie Automotive also released the following short render video of the Next-gen Tesla Roadster in Back To the Future and SpaceX mode, even if Elon Musk denied the looks will be like this but it is still a work of art and worth watching, especially for the ones who are anxiously waiting for the next-year to receive their superb gift.

Next-gen Tesla Roadster and Back To The Future together are not a new phenomenon, a VFX artist also created a 88 mph/disappearing in to the timeline insane acceleration video from the Franz Von Holzhausen’s departure from the Tesla Semi and Roadster unveil event.

2020 is near and the time for the SpaceX and Tesla fusion is near, fingers crossed!

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