Next-gen Tesla Roadster on an afternoon cruise, driven by Tesla Chief Designer Franz Von Holzhausen

Tesla restarts the referral program, win a Model Y every month, Roadster each quarter

Tesla Inc. brings back the perky customer referral program and incarnation of the internet inspired affiliate programs into the physical world — the prizes this time range from 1,000 miles of free Supercharging, chance to win a Model Y every month and a next-gen Tesla Roadster each quarter.

Tesla’s previous referral imposed significant financial stress on the company when social media influencers, YouTubers and bloggers bagged 80 next-gen Founders Series Tesla Roadsters, each worth a hefty $250k USD.

Besides the next-gen Roadster, perks like free unlimited Supercharging for life, Tesla Powerwall and invitation to exclusive events gave extra motivation to the existing owners in spreading the word about Tesla’s electric vehicles and the company’s mission towards a sustainable future.

This time Tesla is limiting the number of bigger prizes like the Model Y and 2020 Roadster you can win, 12 Model Ys and 4 Roadsters per year, personally signed by Elon Musk and Tesla’s Chief Designer Franz Von Holzhausen (Franz driving the Roadster 2.0 in the featured photo above).

Tesla released a blog post yesterday containing the details of their new customer referral program (read in full below):

Tesla’s New Customer Referral Program

Customer referrals have been a key part of our growth ever since we began selling Roadster in 2008. Since then, our customers’ enthusiasm for their vehicles has propelled Model 3 to become the best-selling luxury car in the U.S. and the best-selling electric vehicle in the world last year. We’ve heard from our customers that the Referral Program was one of their favorite reasons to tell their friends about Tesla, so today, we’re introducing an all-new Referral Program to give customers another way to share what they love about their cars.

While our previous Referral Program was very successful, it came with significant costs, and ending the program last year allowed us to pass those savings along to customers. We’ve since restructured the program to save the company money while also offering rewards that are super exclusive:

Now, each time a friend purchases a new Tesla using your referral code, you’ll both get 1,000 miles of free Supercharging. Each referral also gives you a chance to win a Founder’s Series Model Y monthly and a Founder’s series Roadster supercar quarterly, both signed by Elon Musk and Franz von Holzhausen. Tesla owners who already have unlimited Supercharging get two chances to win with each referral.

The continued growth and excitement we’ve generated have been driven largely by the passion of our current and future customers. Our goal is simply to build the best and safest cars according to U.S. government testing, so that owners will share their experiences with others and help accelerate our mission towards a sustainable future.

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Photo Credits: u/SupaZT via Tesla Subreddit

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