Blue Tesla Model Y spotted in the wild.

Tesla Model Y spotted in the wild being followed by a Model S camera car

The blue prototype Tesla Model Y is recently spotted in the wild after being absent from the public eye for almost two months since the most anticipated unveil event taking place earlier this year.

Tesla Model Y seen in the latest HD photo featured below is shared by ChargePoint on Twitter, showcasing the rear view of the vehicle, the rear side of the electric CUV is very similar to the Tesla Model 3 but being a hatchback is fatter and deeper, resulting in more storage area (66 cu ft. vs. 15 cu ft).

According to ChargePoint (EV charging network), the Tesla Model Y prototype was followed by a matte gray Tesla Model S fitted with a crane and camera on the top, most probably shooting for some upcoming Model Y footage (pic also below).

At the Model Y unveil event there were two prototypes of the vehicle were present, one in white and the other in blue color, the latter is believed to be the only known working prototype of the electric crossover — the white Model Y prototype at the event was not functional according to several journalists and social media influencers attending the evening.

Tesla Model Y since its reveal has received mixed reactions from the Tesla and EV community and car enthusiasts at large, but it is a practical step forward by Tesla for sure, it guarantees Tesla’s entry into a more popular car segment at least in the United States, the crossover utility vehicle (CUV).

Model Y CUV also offers an optional 3rd-row seat for a total of 7-passenger capacity, although Tesla claims the 3rd row can seat two adults most of the reviewers and unveil event participants that tested the vehicle say that the third row can accommodate kids easily not adults.

The matte gray wrapped Tesla Model S  in the above picture also is a stunner, chasing the Model Y and recording footage with the crane/camera setup on the roof, we should be expecting a cool new video of the Model Y soon.

For some potential customers of Tesla might have a difficult time deciding between a Model 3 or Model Y but at the end, it is all about personal taste and preferences, like a famous YouTuber who won two Tesla Roadsters via the Tesla Referral Program saw the Model Y a perfect choice for his wife (his opinion video below).

Ligthed 'T' for Tesla Model 3 by EVANNEX

Video: Deciding between a Model 3 and Model Y

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